What to do When Your Husband Cheated on You


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Many women have the suspicion that their husband cheated but the likelihood of catching them is slim to none. Sure, the telltale signs like the smell of an unfamiliar brand of perfume or hidden cell phone conversations but without concrete proof your husband will never admit to infidelity. Keep in mind, without any proof he’ll feel invincible enough to cheat again. So you wonder what to do when your husband cheated on you?

cheating What to do When Your Husband Cheated on You

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We usually make rash decisions based on that little feeing we have. It can be so frustrating to know in your heart that you have dedicated yourself to a relationship but your husband isn’t committed. You have that sinking feeling in your stomach that something has changed and he’s up to no good but still, you only have suspicions; but the good news is that you can get the proof you need and learn all the techniques to find out everything; and it won’t hurt the pockets. Gone are the days when you needed a private investigator to find out if, when and how your husband cheated.

There was a time wives couldn’t do anything with a phone number but call to see who answered. Listening to the voice on the other end with frightening thoughts that told you your husband cheated. These days if you have a phone number or email address you can find out who it belongs to and where they live and every little record of their private life.

Many women only want the initial information about their cheating husband while others “need” to know every little detail. Why rely on your husband to tell you everything when you know he probably won’t give you all the details. You don’t need him to confess because you can get all the pertinent information you need with several little identifiable items.

No more old fashioned methods of a cat chase or wasting your breath arguing while he says “where’s the proof that I cheated?” It’s always the same – unless you have the proof to show him he’s been caught he will continue to feel as though he has the upper hand and it will happen again.

Technology opened up a door to retrieving non-refuted proof of infidelity. Whether you need phone numbers, names, addresses and times of the occurrence, it can be available quickly. The same information available to private investigators can be available to you. Wouldn’t you like to be able to back up your statements that your husband cheated on you without relying on his blanket speech?

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How to Determine if Your Husband Cheated


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The simplest way to determine if your husband cheated on you is comparing his habits and doing a bit of snooping. But rest assured, there are always signs and evidence left behind to know for sure if he indeed cheated on you.

You know his schedule and although anyone’s schedule can fluctuate you’ll need to look for the obvious signs that he disappears during certain days and times. Does he seem to always have something to do on a Wednesday during the same time frame? Is there a good reason he’s unavailable during these times? Check his alibi out and see if he’s been where he says. If he goes to the gym on Wednesdays after work for a few hours go surprise him and pay close attention to his demeanor. Is he surprised, shocked or panicked, trying to hurry you along?

You can also determine if your husband cheated on you by performing a bit of digging into his cell phone usage and records. Does he clear all his text messages and the call log every time he gets off the phone? Is he secretive with certain phone calls, making sure you are not nearby to overhear conversations? Does he allow his cell phone to ring instead of picking up the phone? Perhaps you notice hang-ups when you pick up the phone versus when he retrieves a phone call.

Nowadays many people suspend receiving paper bills to their home and receive a text message or instant bill pay for cell phone bills. If your husband has suspended receiving his cell phone bill you can go online and try setting up an online account with his cell phone vendor in order to see his cell phone records. You probably have all the personal info they request in order to set up an online account for access and this will provide you with all the details of who he calls and who calls him.

Women say the number one telltale sign to determine if your husband cheated is excessive bathing upon returning home. Does he avoid you or any physical contact before jumping in the shower? Does he avoid sex during those days he’s disappeared? Doesn’t want to hug, doesn’t want to cuddle and always has an excuse?

Once you get over the frustration of him dodging your questions and you set a course to determine if your husband cheated on you you’ll find the determination to get the information you want. But don’t rush to judgment and be sure you have concrete evidence because he could have valid reasons for all of your worries.

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Signs That Your Husband Cheated


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Still wavering on those signs that your husband cheated on you? Not sure what to believe anymore? Well, a woman’s gut feeling and great instincts usually means she’s right on point. Look at the evidence — what does it tell you?

Has your husband had an abrupt onset of changes in his routine? Has he all of a sudden gone shopping for new clothes including new boxer briefs, undershirts and socks? Men often shop for new underclothes at the thought of a new intimate relationship. They are not that much different from women; wanting to look good for the opposite sex, especially in anticipation of a new affair.

His routine probably changed; he most likely makes excuses for needing to be elsewhere and makes it difficult for you to contact him during these escapes. Has he had a renewed interest in going to the gym after work or during the night? Does he ignore his phone calls during these times because it was in the locker room? Does he always have an explanation that throws you off course? The obvious signs that your husband cheated on you are almost always right in front of your face. You know what they say – hiding in plain view?

Men who cheat rarely give out their home phone number but provide a cell phone number and some won’t do that, opting to only be contacted at work. However, if he does receive curious calls to his cell phone and avoid you during these calls, retrieve his cell phone statements and make a note of which numbers are consistent all the time. Does he call this number only during the times he’s at work? When you call the number back who picks up?

An obvious trend is emails being sent back and forth. Do you have access to his emails? If you don’t think about getting a key logger program to retrieve the email password or you could always stand over his shoulder when he’s typing in his password. Obviously, you probably don’t have a good chance at retrieving his password this way but it’s worth a shot.

Another telltale sign that your husband cheated on you is his guilt; has he purchased you gifts lately for no apparent reason? Bought you flowers out of the blue? Many men feel a natural guilt and feel better about their infidelity once they purchase something for you. Their routine won’t change but the guilt subsides because they “honored” you with something.

Keep in mind, if your husband cheated on you he will be very cautious and probably toss out most of the evidence but with infidelity there is always proof left behind if you look closely.

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